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 Blackboard Inline Grading Guide

 Blackboard instructor guide for using inline grading

New Box View is the replacement for Crocodoc, which allows faculty to make comments and highlights on work submitted by students.  This functionality will work for assignments submitted by a student using supported file types, including Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations, and PDFs.

1.  Expand the Grade Center menu and select the Needs Grading option.



2.  All submitted assignments that have not yet been viewed will appear here. Click on the assignment link under the User Attempt column.



3.  The document will show in the web browser.  To insert a comment on the document, click the Comment icon.



4.  Enter your comment in the box that appears and click the Post button when you are done.



5.  You can also enter comments by highlighting text on the page.  Highlight the section on which you would like to comment and click on the Comment icon that appears



6.  Enter your comment and click the Post button when you are done. The passage will now show up highlighted.  Caution: The highlighted passage does not otherwise indicate to the student that there is an associated comment.  You will need to let your students know ahead of time so they know what to expect.  You can also refer them to the Viewing Feedback with New Box View KB article



7.  Once you are done with all of your document markup, you can provide summary feedback in the Feedback to Learner box and enter a score in the Attempt box.  If you’d like to make any notes to yourself regarding the assignment and/or your comments and assessment, click on the Add Notes button.

8.  At any point, you can click the Save Draft button to stop and come back to the task later.  Once you are done, click on the Submit button.


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