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 Blackboard Known Issues

 Information on the December 2018 Blackboard Upgrade at the University of Cincinnati

Rubric Reports display blank data

Running a rubric report in Blackboard produces a document with no data

Expected behavior:

Rubric report displays data about rubric usage

Observed behavior:

Rubric report displays no data

There is no workaround for this issue.


Course Availability toggle disappears in small window sizes

If your browser's window width is between 736 and 1024 pixels, the Make Available / Make Unavailable (lock / unlock) toggle button disappears. 

  • This can also happen with devices in this pixel range, such as phones and tablets

Expected Behavior:

The Availability toggle is visible

    Availability toggle located on the top-right side of a course in Blackboard


Observed Behavior:

The Availability toggle is not visible

    Menu where availability toggle is expected to be


The only workaround for this issue is to ensure that your browser's width is either larger than 736 pixels or smaller than 1024 pixels or instructors have the ability to change availability in the course menu under Course Management, select Customization.  

     Course management menu point towards Customization and Properties 


4.  Select Properties.

5.  In the Set Availability section, select Yes to make the course available. 

    Blackboard's Set Availability toggle 


6.  Select Submit.



Students are unable to download annotated assignment submissions

The option for students to download annotated and graded assignment submissions does not work. Students are only able to see annotated assignment submissions in the Box View inline grade editor (offline copies cannot be downloaded).


There is no workaround for this issue.


Course Menu bar behavior inconsistent when resizing browser window

Resizing the browser window width lower than 1024 pixels causes the left-hand course menu to collapse automatically. When the browser window is resized to a larger width, the course menu is not re-opened.



  1. Click on the collapsed course menu to expand it


Images cannot be Copy/Pasted into the text editor

When Instructors or Students attempt to copy (ctrl+x) an image from their computer and paste (ctrl+v) the image into a content editor window nothing appears.


Workaround: Use the Insert/Edit Image button in the text editor toolbar to copy and paste an image URL or upload a file 

The Blackboard Text Editor with and arrow pointing towards the image button


Grade Center becomes unusable under 1025 pixels:

When the browser is too narrow, the Grade Center rows disappear

    The Grade Center in a minimized state, showing how it is unusable.

Workaround: Resize the browser window to greater than 1025 pixels wide or use the browser's zoom function to zoom out until the buttons become visible. 


Blackboard Build Content Upload issues

Items uploaded to Blackboard using Build Content > File are still editable when edit mode in Blackboard is turned off

    An image showing that content can still be editted once edit mode is turned off

Workaround: There is not yet a workaround. We are communicating with Blackboard technicians to resolve this issue.                                       


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