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 Adding a Tablet to Duo

 Instructions for adding a table to the Duo two-factor authentication service at the University of Cincinnati.

To add a new tablet: 

1.  Go https://webapps2.uc.edu/getduo, click Enroll/Manage Duo, and Sign in.
     Note: If you are already signed in, you will need to sign out before completing this step.
2.  On the left of the sign-in page, select Add a new device.
3.  Choose an authentication method (Send Me a Push, Call Me, or Enter a Passcode), and finish signing in.
     Note: If you cannot sign in to Duo (for example, if the only device registered was a phone you no longer have, and the phone number has changed), you
     will need to contact the Integrated Service Desk at 513-556–HELP (4357).
4.    Select Tablet.
5.    Push Continue.
6.    Indicate which type of tablet you are adding (IOS or Android) and push Continue.
7.    Open the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).
8.    Search for Duo Mobile.
9.    Download and install the app Duo Mobile (green square with white letters).
10.  Push I have Duo Mobile installed.
11.  Choose whether you want to scan a QR code or receive an email:
a.  If you choose to scan a QR code:
1.    Open Duo Mobile.
2.    Tap the + button at the top right.
         Note: On Android, this button is a + AND a key.
3.    Allow Duo Mobile to use your tablet's camera.
4.    Scan the QR code that appears on your monitor.

    b.  If you choose to receive an email:
1.  Click Or, have an activation link emailed to you instead.
2.  Enter your email address into the box.
3.  Push Send email.
4.  Open your email ON YOUR TABLET.
Note: If you open the email on your computer or another device, it will not work. The email has to be opened on the device you are trying to connect to Duo Mobile.
5.  Click on the link in your email.            
Note: Scanning the QR code will not work if:
      •  You do not have WI-FI.
  You are using your tablet (rather than a computer) to sign up for Duo.
  Push Continue.


If you need further assistance, please contact the Integrated Service Desk at 513-556–HELP (4357).

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