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 Duo Passcode Not Working

 Information on what to do if the Enter a Passcode option is not working in the Duo two-factor authentication service.

Use the steps below if you are having trouble signing in to Duo using a passcode.

1.  If you are using a passcode previously texted to you:
     a.  Make sure you are entering the correct code. At the bottom of the screen, there is a blue banner that says, "Your next code starts with __" Passcodes
          can only be used once before they expire.
     b.  Make sure you are using the most recent passcode sent to your device. Once you send yourself a passcode, the old passcodes are invalidated.
          Note: If you are not sure whether you are using the correct passcode, you can push the button, Text me new codes, and you will be sent a new 
          Note: You can only receive text messages to cell phones (not landlines or office phones).
2.  If you are using the Duo Mobile app:
     a.  Open Duo Mobile.
.  Click on the key icon next to University of Cincinnati
.  Type the 6-digit code into the box on the Duo log-in screen.
Note: This option works even if data or Wi-Fi are unavailable.
3.  If you are using a bypass code:
a. Make sure that you are typing in the code you were given.
b. Make sure that your bypass code has not expired. 
Note: If you do not know whether your bypass code has expired, please contact the Integrated Service Desk at 513-556–HELP (4357).
c. Make sure that you have clicked Enter a bypass code or Enter a passcode, clicked inside the box, typed the code given to you, and then pushed Sign in.

4.  Other notes:
a.  Until you click Enter a passcode, there will not be a place to type in a passcode. Make sure you click Enter a passcode (or Enter a bypass code) before 
         you try to type in a passcode.
b.  If you keep trying a certain method and it is not working:
        Try one of the other methods instead: SMS Passcodes, Duo Mobile, or Hardware token. You can also try Send me a Push (if you have a
             smartphone or tablet) or Call Me (if you have a cell phone, smart phone, landline, or office phone).
c.  Passcodes are specific to your account and are non-transferrable. Using another person's passcode will not work.


If you need further assistance, please contact the Integrated Service Desk at 513-556–HELP (4357).

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