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 Duo Push Not Working

 What to do if the Push option is not working in the Duo two-factor authentication service.

If you clicked Send me a push, and it did not work:

1.  Make sure that the push is being sent to the correct device (if multiple devices on account, number is displayed at the top of the screen).
     *Note: If sending to wrong device, change device using the drop-down menu at top of the screen.
     **Note: If correct device is not an option, see Add a New Device to Duo  
2.  Make sure that you have Duo Mobile installed.
     a.  If you do not, follow instructions to Reactivate Duo Mobile
3.  Make sure that you have cell service and WI-FI.
     a.  If you do not, the Push is probably getting delayed. Use Enter a passcode instead.
            1. Open Duo Mobile.
            2. Click on the key icon next to University of Cincinnati.
            3. Type the 6-digit code that appears into the passcode box.
            4. Push Enter.

4.  Open the app and see if there is a green Request waiting. Tap to respond... notification at the top of the app.
     Note: This occurs when a phone does not push the notification 
     a.  If the app shows the notification, click Accept.
     Note: You may need to adjust your phone’s notification settings for the Duo Mobile app. These settings vary by phone type.
5. Make sure the app's notifications are set up correctly. 
    a.  If all notification settings are switched on, switch them off and on again. Restart the phone to ensure the switch is saved.


If you need further assistance, please contact the Integrated Service Desk at 513-556–HELP (4357).

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