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 Duo Two-Factor Authentication Self-Enrollment Guide

 Instructions on enrolling in the Duo two-factor authentication service..

To enroll into the Duo Two Factor Authentication program in order to access certain secure UC sites, follow these steps.


1.  Open a web browser on your computer and navigate to the address: https://webapps2.uc.edu/getduo  

2.  Click Enroll/Manage Duo


3.  Log in with your CLS username (6+2) and password.



4.  Click Start setup


5.  Select the mobile phone option and click continue.



6.  Enter your mobile phone number including the area code, check the phone number confirmation box, and click Continue.


7.  Choose the type of phone associated with your phone number and click Continue.


8.  Install the Duo Mobile application from you devices App Store, then click I have the Duo Mobile Installed


9.  Open the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device, and click the Add Account button at the bottom of the screen.



10.  Your device will open the camera. Point your device at the QR code displayed on the computer screen. This will activate Duo Mobile on your device.



11.  You should see your number and the type of device it is. Click Save and then Continue to Login.



12.  Select the method of verifying via Duo.


13.  You will receive a notification on your device. Upon opening the notification, you can select either to allow or deny the login.



14.  You have now set up Duo, and will receive this notification whenever you attempt to log in to a Duo-Secured site!



If you need further assistance installing Duo Mobile on your Device, please contact the:

Contact Information

IT@UC Office of Information Security   513-558-ISEC(4732)  Infosec@uc.edu
IT@UC Services Desk     513-556-HELP(4357)


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