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 Duo Two-Factor Authentication Troubleshooting Guide

 Information on troubleshooting common issues with the Duo two-factor authentication service.

Troubleshooting UCFlex Login Issues


When signing into the UCFlex portal, you may receive a message 400 Bad Request, “Error: Service Provider endpoint ACS could not redirect to original application URL because it could not convert RelayState received to original application URL” message. 


  1. This error message occurs when you save the UCFlex redirect as a bookmark or saved page. 
    • You can confirm this by typing the URL, https://www.ucflex.uc.edu, directly in your address bar and pressing Enter on your keyboard.
  2. Please verify that the URL listed in your bookmark or saved page is listed as www.ucflex.uc.edu .

Troubleshooting Your Password

1.  Log into https://www.uc.edu/pss using your UC username and password. If the log in is successful, skip to the next section “Troubleshooting Your Duo Account”.

If you receive “The username or password is invalid. Please try again.” message, continue to step 2.


2.  Click the “Forgotten Password” button and follow the instructions to reset your password.  

3.  Return to the UCFlex portal and attempt to log in. If you receive the “User authentication failed” message again, continue to the next section,
“Troubleshooting Duo”.

(More information about Password Self Service can be found in the following KB article: https://kb.uc.edu/KBArticles/CentralLoginService-PSS.aspx)


Troubleshooting Your Duo Account

1.  Navigate to the Duo Enrollment and Management page, https://webapps2.uc.edu/getduo and click the “Enroll/Manage Duo” button.

2.  Log in to the next screen using your UC username and password.




3.   On the “Enroll or Manage Duo” page (Figure 5) select the authentication method you previously setup and wait for your Duo notification prompt on your device. If you do not receive a notification or have further issues with Duo, please contact the IT@UC Office of Information Security at (513) 558-4732 or via email InfoSec@uc.edu.

(If you have not previously enrolled in Duo, follow the directions on the “Enroll Manage Duo” page.)


4.   Return to the UCFlex portal and attempt to log in. If receive the “User authentication failed” message after successfully completing the troubleshooting methods above, please contact the IT@UC Integrated Services Desk at (513)556-4357 or via email HelpDesk@uc.edu.


Contact Information

IT@UC Office of Information Security   513-558-ISEC(4732)  Infosec@uc.edu

IT@UC Integrated Services Desk     513-556-HELP(4357) HelpDesk@uc.edu

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