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Office 365

The University provides enterprise level email powered by Microsoft's Office 365 email service.

O365 Student Email FAQs 

Setup Guides

For purposes of email configurations, your address should use the following formats:

Staff: username@ucmail.uc.edu

Students: username@mail.uc.edu

Some client configurations may require additional information in order to set up your account (such as Android Mail app). You may require this information:

Server: outlook.office365.com

Domain: Leave Blank

Username: Depending on your affiliation at UC, this will be either username@ucmail.uc.edu (Staff/Faculty/Affiliates) or username@mail.uc.edu (Students)


NOTE: Outlook for Mac is the preferred client on Mac devices at the University of Cincinnati, as Mac Mail may not have the full functionality desired by Outlook, such as access to shared mailboxes. Further support from Microsoft is not provided for Mac Mail.

For Mac OS X Mail configurations, use Exchange account access steps. 


How To Guides

For purposes of email configurations, your email address should use the following formats:

           Staff: username@ucmail.uc.edu

           Students: username@mail.uc.edu  


SharePoint is the University's enterprise intranet. It provides a place for users, departments, and colleges to effectively work, share and collaborate. Did you know that the UC Knowledge Base is a SharePoint site?

SharePoint How To Videos:


Cisco WebEx

 The University also provides Faculty, Staff, and Students access to the Cisco WebEx web conferencing service. WebEx is a web-based conferencing tool that can host a variety of events, from small group meetings, or virtual office hours, to large webinars or conferences. Participants can share files, videos, documents, and even have access to a shared whiteboard. 



 Generic Email Accounts, Conference Rooms/Resources, Distribution Lists, and Bulk Email

Generic email accounts can be used to maintain separate email accounts for web and email notification messages, or departmental calendaring needs. Conference room or Resource calendars can be created to facilitate scheduling and management of Conference rooms and Resources (projectors, computers, etc.). If you regularly send email to the same group of internal users, such as department staff, project teams, etc., a Distribution List can be created free of charge to help manage that process. And UC Bulk email enables you to share important information quickly with faculty, staff and students.  



Listserv provides everything you need to manage all your opt-in email lists, including email newsletters, announcements, discussion groups and email communities. You can access UC Listservs through the Listserv portal.


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