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 Echo360 ALP Personal Capture Install for Windows

 Instructions for installing the Echo360 Personal Capture software for Windows.

Personal Capture (PCAP) is a stand-alone application designed to be used by Instructors on their personal computers to generate captures outside of the classroom environment.

System requirements for Personal Capture for Windows
In addition to the below-listed system requirements, PCAP for Windows also requires Windows .NET 3.5. If it is not present at installation, you will be prompted to install it.

Personal Capture for Windows is not supported on netbook computers.

The following are the minimum specifications for a Personal Capture for Windows:
·    Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 operating system
·    Windows .NET 3.5 (required - you will be prompted to install it if necessary)
·    Intel Core i5 Processor for A/V or A/D
·    Intel i7 recommended for A/D/V or A/V/V
·    2 GB RAM
·    10/100 network interface
·    20 GB free hard drive space
·    Internal audio device or USB port for audio capture

Install Personal Capture for Windows

Be sure you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8 before installing.

1.   Log into the Echo360 Active Learning Platform.
2.   Click the Settings menu to open it and select Downloads, as shown in the below figure.
3.   Click the Windows Download link from the Personal Capture section of the Downloads page, shown below. The installer must be
      run locally, so save the file to your computer.

Download page in ALP with settings menu open and download option identified 

4.  Locate the downloaded Echo360PersonalCaptureInstaller.exe file. It should be located in the Downloads folder or wherever you
     saved the file.
5.   When the warning message that appears, click Open.
6.   Once the installer is launched, follow the prompts to complete installation.After Personal Capture is installed, launch it. Run a test
      capture to ensure it works as expected. If it does, you may delete the downloaded installer file.


Uninstall from Windows

Uninstalling Personal Capture is easy, however, make sure that you have backed up your recordings to separate storage before uninstalling, or that they have been uploaded to ALP.

All captures and logs are deleted when the program is removed.

1.   Open the Start menu and select All Programs.
2.   Click the Echo360 folder.
3.   Select Uninstall Echo360 Personal Capture from the options.
4.   Follow the prompts, clicking OK to remove the program.


 If you have any issues or require assistance, please contact the IT@UC Service Desk at (513)556-HELP (4357)

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