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 Examity Test Proctoring

 Information on the Examity test proctoring service

What is Examity?

Examity is an online service, integrated into Blackboard, providing identity verification and remote proctoring for online testing. Student verification ensures that online and hybrid courses comply with Federal Finacial Aid and accreditation requirements, while remote proctoring protects the integrity of online assessments and promotes a culture of academic honesty. 



FairExam Levels

FairExam Level


Level AA: Auto-Authentication

Test-takers snap pictures of their ID and face, answer challenge questions and enter a biometric keystroke signature to verify identity.

Auto-Authentication is free and unlimited for all UC instructors.


Level LA: Live-Authentication

Live Authentication ensures test-takers understand the exam rules and are in a “clean” test environment. Challenge questions, ID verifications, facial comparisons, keystroke analysis and full recordings help make this level our most reliable authentication.


Level 1: Auto-Proctoring

Examity’ s fully automated proctoring solution. After auto-authentication is complete, Examity captures audio, motion, and system changes to identify inappropriate behaviors.


Level 2: Record and Review Proctoring

After live-authentication, each test is recorded from start to finish and is later viewed by a human, in its entirety, to ensure that no rules have been violated.


Level 3: Live Proctoring

After completing the live-authentication process, Examity monitors the test-taker’s surroundings and entire desktop throughout the exam. An advantage to this level is that Examity may comment and troubleshoot in real-time during the test.


Download the Examity Pricing Guide
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