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 JMP 11 Installation Instructions for MacOSX

 Installation instructions for installing JMP 11 in MacOSX.

JMP 11 for Mac Installation Instructions

The JMP Pro 11 for Macintosh (32bit and 64bit) Vendor Website: http://jmp.com/

Installation Instructions

1.  Double click on JMP/JMP_Pro/11_0/Macintosh/JMP-­‐11.dmg on the Installation DVD.


2.   Double click on JMP-­11.pkg.


3.    Installer Introduction. Click Continue.


4.    Installation Type. Your may choose additional language support. Click Continue.


5.    Installation. Click Install.  You may be prompted for your system password.


6.    Summary. Installation successful message. Click Close.



License JMP Pro 11

Start JMP Pro 11 application. In Finder, go to Applications. Double click JMP Pro 11.app.

1.   Click Open License


2.   Browse to the DVD. Open the sid_files folder.  Click on the license file found there to select it. Click Choose.

3.   Optionally, enter your name and your department. Click OK.


4.   JMP 11 is now licesnsed and installed. The software should now open.


If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the IT@UC Service Desk at (513)556-4357 or via email at HelpDesk@uc.edu.

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