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 Kaltura Capture Annotation Tools

 Information on how to use Kaltura Capture annotation tools

1.      Open Kaltura Capture and begin a recording

2.      Click tahe pencil icon on the right side of the window

3.      The annotation tool will open.

The annotations include:



Pencil Draw

·         Use to draw freely on your screen.

·         Change Scale

·         Change Pencil Color

·         Return to Cursor


·         Use to draw an arrow to point out a specific element on your screen.

·         Change Scale

·         Change Arrow Color

·         Return to Cursor


·         Use to add text anywhere on your screen.

·         Change size and color.

·         Text maximum ~ 500 chars) 

·         Special characters

·         Add links

·         Different languages

·         Copy/paste text

·         Empty text box

·         Create multiple text boxes 




Select an area on the screen.


Clear the annotation actions.


Create a clean slate for additional annotations.


4.      On the right side of the annotation window, you can select the color you’d like to use for your annotations, as well as the thickness of the annotations. You can also clear annotations by clicking the trash can icon below the colors.


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