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 Kaltura Chaptering Guide

 Instructions for adding, editing and deleting chapters in a Kaltura video.

Chapters are like bookmarks in the video and can be used to navigate through the video. You can use chapters to mark the beginning of a new topic, highlight important segments, or help navigate through the content of a long video.

Navigate to your college specific Kaltura MediaSpace, or use the main UC MediaSpace @ uc.mediaspace.kaltura.com or by going to My Media in Blackboard. To see a list of available UC Kaltura MediaSpace sites, click HERE.

1.   After successful navigation to My Media in Blackboard or MediaSpace, click Guest and a drop-down menu will appear.

2.  Select Login.
3.  Enter your Central Login Service (6+2) username and password and click Log In.
4.  Click your name in the top-right corner, and then select My Media from the drop-down menu.

5.  Choose the media that you would like to add chapters to by selecting either the thumbnail or the title of the media.  If you are having difficulty finding your video,
    try sorting the list alphabetically. You can also search by the title of your video.

6.  Click Actions.
7.  Click on Edit.

8.  More menu options will appear. Select the Timeline.
9.  Find the timestamps of where you would like to add a chapter to the video by watching or skipping through the video.

10.  Create a new chapter by selecting the Chapter icon (a).  The Chapter icon will appear in the Timeline to show you where the chapter is (b).

11.  Enter the appropriate information.
                 a.      Give the chapter a descriptive title.
                 b.      Select a thumbnail. You can upload a thumbnail image for the chapter, or automatically create one from the video. 
                 c.       Add or modify the Chapter Description (optional).
                 d.      Add Search Tags (optional).


      12.  Click Save.

13.  Click View in Player to see your changes.


Your chapters are now saved to your media.




Editing or delete a chapter

1.   Click on the cue point of the chapter you want to edit or delete from the timeline of the video.

2.  Click Delete Chapter.

3.  A confirmation box is displayed, click Delete to confirm. 

4.  Click View in Player to see your changes.



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