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 Kaltura Drawing Tools Guide

 Guide for using the drawing tools function in the Kaltura Desktop Recorder Tool.

While recording your screen, you can select the drawing tools. The drawing tools can be used to draw freely on the screen during the recording. You can stress important points by drawing a circle around them, or highlight important aspects. 

The Drawing Tools

1.   When the recording is in progress, click on the Draw Tool button.

2.   The drawing tools window will appear. The window will remain on the screen during the entire time that you are using it.



Arrow button-serves as the mouse when drawing


Pencil button—write on the screen anywhere


Light pencil button—lighter version of pencil button


Square button—draw squares around important info


Arrow button—create arrows to draw attention


Circle button—draw circles around important info


Line button—draw lines to highlight important info


Eraser button—Erase portions of any objects or lines you draw


Erase Everything—Erase all items


3.   Click done when you are finished drawing.

*NOTE: Captioning, transcription, and interpretation services are available through the AESS Communication Access Team.

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