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 Kaltura Getting Started Guide

 Getting started guide for the University's Kaltura video uploading service.

The Kaltura video server allows both instructors and students to create, upload, and publish video in your Blackboard courses.  To begin, use your UC Central Login account to access Blackboard at canopy.uc.edu. Then follow the guides below to learn the basics of Kaltura, including how to:

1.   Download and install the CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder tool for the first time
2.   Getting to know the CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder tool
3.   Recording just your screen
4.   Recording your screen and webcam
5.   Recording
just your webcam
6.   Recording just audio
7.   Edit your videos after recording
8.   Upload your videos to the Blackboard My Media area
9.   Upload existing videos from your computer
10.  Embed Media in a specific location in a course
11.  Manage your media and add a Course Gallery button (for instructors)
12.  Make your videos look and sound great with Webcam Aesthetic Tips

See also: Kaltura Frequently Asked Questions

*NOTE: Information on ordering captions through Kaltura can be found here: https://kb.uc.edu/KBArticles/Kaltura-RequestingCaptions.aspx 

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the IT@UC Service Desk at (513)556-4357 or via our submission portal  HERE.

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