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 Kaltura Interactive Quiz Guide

 Information on adding interactive quizzes in Kaltura videos.

Interactive Video Quizzing embeds multiple choice questions at any point in a Kaltura video. Creators can easily add their own questions through a user-friendly interface. These questions are attached to the video and ‘travel’ with it wherever it is embedded or inserted into Blackboard. As viewers watch the video, the questions will appear at the chosen points. The video continues after each question is answered. Flexible settings allow creators to choose whether viewers can repeat sections, skip questions, revise answers, get hints, and discover the correct answers, allowing    Interactive Video Quizzing to be used to increase engagement, test knowledge and retention and to gather data.


1.  Navigate to My Media in Blackboard or to your college specific Kaltura MediaSpace, or use the main UC MediaSpace @ uc.mediaspace.kaltura.com. To see a list of available UC Kaltura MediaSpace sites, click HERE.


2.  After successful navigation to your MediaSpace, click Guest and a drop-down menu will appear.
     (Select Guest from the top menu.)

3.  Select Login.
     (Select Login.)

4.  Enter your Central Login Service (6+2) username and password and click Log In.
     (Enter your 6+2 and password.)

5.  Click your name in the top-right corner, and then select My Media from the drop-down menu.

6.  Choose the media that you would like to add quiz questions to by selecting either the thumbnail or the title of the media.  If you are having difficulty finding your video, try sorting the list alphabetically.  You can also search by the title of your video.
    (Select the media that you want to add a quiz to by clicking the media thumbnail or title.)

7.  Under the Actions button, click Add Quiz.       
     (Click Actions and then select Add Quiz from the drop-down menu.)

8.  Click the three dots in the top-right section of the screen.  This section is labeled “General”.  The three dots will provide a menu that lets you select a category of settings.
       (Visual of the General menu and Experience, Score, and Add Questions.) 

    a.  General 

                               i.     Give the quiz a name in the box under Quiz Name
                               ii.    Give the quiz a welcome message under Welcome Message
                               iii.    In-Video Tip displays at the beginning of the video if enabled
                               iv.    Question List allows viewers to download the full list of questions before viewing the video if enabled

    b.  Experience


                               i.      Edit Answer allows viewers to edit their answers before submitting them if enabled
                               ii.     Skip For Now allows viewers to skip past the question and answer it at the end of the video if enabled

    c.  Score


                                    i.      Do Not Show Scores or Show Scores
                                    ii.      Include Answers shows the viewer which answers were correct and incorrect at the end if enabled. Can only be enabled if Show
                                             Scores is enabled

    d.  Add Questions


                                i.      Play the video, pause it where you want to add a question, then click the plus  + button on the video.

         (Visual of blue plus sign.)
                               ii.      Add the question, then add the correct answer, as well as a list of incorrect answers. Add more slots for incorrect answers by clicking
                                         the plus + button below the answers. Delete an answer by hovering the mouse over it and clicking the X button to the left of it

         (Visual of sample question.)
                                iii.      Click Save at the bottom right when the question is complete.
                                iv.      Repeat until the video ends.

9.  Click Preview Quiz below the video to verify that the quiz is working correctly.

10.  Click Go To Media to return to the video’s main page. 


Understanding Quiz Analytics

The IVQ feature enables quiz creators to get analytics about the quiz and the users taking it



1. From the video's main page, click the Actions button, then click on the Analytics button

2. From the dashboard page, you can view…
          a. Average score of all viewers
          b. Times video was visited
          c. Amount of times video is closed before finishing
          d. Average time each viewer watches before closing
          e. The amount of comments
          f. Users who watch the entire video most often
          g. Average quiz score per student
          h. Average performance per quiz question
3. The stats in the column on the right (f, g, and h) only show the top 3 of each respective category. Click View All next to the name of the category to show stats for all for each category

To view specific user's quiz results

1. To view how specific users scored on the quiz, click the Quiz Users tab.

A report with all users is displayed with a breakdown of how each question was answered by each user.

2. Click Export to CSV file or Printable Version to export or print the data in this report.


To view specific questions and their answers

1. To view how specific questions were answered, click the Quiz Questions tab.  

A report with all the questions is displayed with a breakdown of how each user answered the question. You can export to CSV file or to a printable version the data in this report.


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