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 Kaltura Interactive Quiz Guide

 Information on adding interactive quizzes in Kaltura videos.

Interactive Video Quizzing embeds multiple choice questions at any point in a Kaltura video. Creators can easily add their own questions through a user-friendly interface. These questions are attached to the video and ‘travel’ with it wherever it is embedded or inserted into Blackboard. As viewers watch the video, the questions will appear at the chosen points. The video continues after each question is answered. Flexible settings allow creators to choose whether viewers can repeat sections, skip questions, revise answers, get hints, and discover the correct answers, allowing Interactive Video Quizzing to be used to increase engagement, test knowledge and retention, and to gather data.    


You can access your Kaltura MediaSpace in the following ways: navigate to My Media in Blackboard; navigate to your college specific Kaltura MediaSpace; or use the main UC MediaSpace @ uc.mediaspace.kaltura.com. To see a list of available UC Kaltura MediaSpace sites, click 


1.  After successful navigation to your MediaSpace, click Guest and a drop-down menu will appear.
     (Select Guest from the top menu.)

2.  Select Login.
     (Select Login.)


3.  Enter your Central Login Service (6+2) username and password, and click Log In. 
     (Enter your 6+2 and password.)


4.   Click your name in the top-right corner, and then select My Media from the drop-down menu. 
      (Click your name and then select My Media from the drop-down menu.)


Launching the Kaltura Media Editor

1.  Go to My Media and then click on the video, or the title of the video, that you want to add a quiz to.


2.  Once the video loads, click on the Actions button and select Launch Editor.


The new Kaltura Media Editor will launch.


Left Pane: Displays your media details. The left pane may be minimized by clicking the open/close left pane button.

Right pane – Consists of:
     •   Media Player - The Kaltura Editor Player defined in the Editor Module by your system administrator.
     •   Real-Time Input
     •   Play/Pause/Skip to start/Skip to end Buttons 
     •   Preview button – marked as the eye icon
     •   Reset icon
     •   Zoom marker

Bottom pane – Includes the Timeline. - The Timeline can be zoomed in/out to allow improved granulation of the time line, fine-tuning, and to give a broader perspective when zoomed out.

To zoom in/out and reset the Timeline:


1.  Drag the Zoom marker to the level of granularity you want to see. This naturally will increase the length of the visible 
     Timeline since more frames will be viewable.

2.  Click the Reset Icon to reset the Timeline to its last saved state.


Create an Interactive Video Quiz

1.  Click the cube shaped icon at the top left of the editor to engage the Quiz tab.  

2.  Click the Start button. A copy of the media is created, and the original media is retained.

3.  In the left column there are 3 drop down menus labelled Details, Scores, and Experience. All options in the Quiz Editor include default values. Open each section to modify the default values for the selected media entry. 

    a.  Click the Details tab. The default values are displayed. You may Revert to defaults at any time.


                   i.  Quiz Name – Change the name of the quiz that displays.
                   ii.  Welcome Message – This is going to appear on the first screen of the quiz.
                   iii. Instructions – Include basic instructions on how to complete the quiz.

      b.  Click the Scoring tab to set or modify the scoring options. Default values are displayed. You may Revert to   
           defaults at any time.

               i.  Toggle whether or not students can see their scores once they’ve submitted the quiz.
               ii. If Show Scores is enabled, you can choose whether or not to include performance on individual questions.

   c.  Click the Experience tab to set or modify the experience options. Default values are displayed. You may Revert to 
        defaults at any time.

           i.  Question List – Enable this option to allow students to view the list of questions before starting the quiz.
           ii. Edit – Enable this option to allow students to edit responses before final submission.
           iii. Skip for Now – Enable this option to allow students to skip questions and answer them at the end of the video.


Adding questions/answers to a quiz

1.  Play the video or move the media’s realtime marker to the desired point in the video’s timeline. Press the + button.  The following screen is displayed:


2.  The following screen is displayed: 

            a.  Click Add a Question Here and enter the question text. 
            b.  In the Add CORRECT Answer Here field enter the correct answer.  
            c.  In the Add Additional Answer Here field enter other possible answers to choose from. Two answers are 
                mandatory. Click the Plus sign to add more answers. You may add up to four answers (maximum). 
            d.  Use the Shuffle icon to shuffle the order of the answers, or hover over the three dots in the answers to 
                 manually drag the answers to re-order them. Shuffling your answers will ensure that the correct answer is not 
                 presented at the same order every time. The correct answer displays a checkmark at the right end of it.
           e.  To delete an answer, click on the x near the answer. The correct answer cannot be deleted, only modified.

NOTE: Before you save the question, you may add a hint to the correct answer. When you finalize the quiz, you may add the Why rational.


3.  Continue to add questions to the video as needed.


4.  To move questions along the timeline, hover your cursor over the question icon on the timeline until the pop-up appears, then click and hold the left mouse button and drag it to your desired location

NOTE: Avoid placing questions too close to one another or close to the end of the video, as this can prevent students from being able to complete and submit the quiz.


To Preview the quiz

1.  Click on the Eye icon below the player. 

2.  The following screen is displayed.


3.  Click Continue to see the quiz you created. Click Escape to exit Preview mode.

4.  Play the video to ensure that the questions and answers are correct and in their proper places in the media. Click on the question cue point to jump to the question.



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