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 Kaltura Video Service

 Kaltura is UC's enterprise media streaming and video repository tool. It is available within Blackboard and as a stand-alone software option

What is Kaltura?

Kaltura is UC's enterprise video content creation, streaming and video repository tool. It is available within Blackboard, on college/departmental Kaltura Media Space (KMS) pages and as a stand-alone video creation software option (CaptureSpace).

Kaltura at UC

Students, faculty and staff have the ability to upload existing videos to Kaltura’s repository. Alternatively, videos can be recorded via CaptureSpace and uploaded into Blackboard. All colleges at UC also have a public-facing Kaltura Media Space (KMS) page, very similar to organizational pages on YouTube. More information about the usage of Kaltura can be found on the Kaltura dashboards.

Kaltura’s CaptureSpace  

CaptureSpace makes creating videos for your courses or video assignments easy. Faculty and students can download stand-alone software to their Mac or PC to create:
     • Screen recordings 
     • Web-camera recordings 
     • And multi-camera multimedia presentations.

CaptureSpace allows you to enhance your videos with drawing/annotation tools and simple editing of your videos.

KB Articles about Kaltura CaptureSpace
        •    Getting started with CaptureSpace
Installing CaptureSpace 
Launch CaptureSpace 
Recording your screen 
        •    Using the drawing/annotation tool 
Editing your media 
Uploading your media


My Media (Blackboard/KMS)

The My Media area within Kaltura serves many purposes. It provides users with their own personal media storage and tools to create, edit, manage and share that media. There are two ways to access Kaltura’s My Media area, in Blackboard and via the main or college KMS. 

KB Articles about My Media
        •    Accessing My Media 
Editing (clipping/trimming) media 
Adding chapters to your media 
         •    Adding a collaborator to your media 
         •    Sharing your media 
         •    Video analytics 
Downloading your media 


(NEW!) Kaltura In-Video Quizzing

In-Video Quizzing embeds multiple choice questions at any point in a Kaltura video. Creators can easily add their own questions through a user-friendly interface. These questions are attached to the video and ‘travel’ with it wherever it is embedded or inserted into Blackboard. 

KB Articles about Kaltura In-Video Quizzing
        •    Creating a video quiz 
        •    Integrating Kaltura video quiz in the Blackboard GradeBook 
Students guide to taking a Kaltura video quiz 


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