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 Integrating Kaltura Video Quizzes into your Blackboard Gradebook

 Instructions for integrating Kaltura video quizzes into your Blackboard Gradebook

Creating Kaltura Interactive Quizzes: https://kb.uc.edu/KBArticles/Kaltura-InteractiveQuizzes.aspx 


1.  Navigate to Blackboard (canopy.uc.edu), enter your username and password in their respective boxes, and click Login

2.  Click Courses in the tabs at the top of the page, and locate the course you will be adding a video quiz to

3.  Locate the content area you want the quiz to be in.

4.  Click Assessments tab, then click Kaltura Video Quiz.

5.  Locate the video with the quiz you wish to integrate and click Select button.  

6.  Enter a title, description, attach any necessary files, and set the options as necessary
               a. Permit Users to View the Content Item – sets whether or not students can see the quiz
               b. Track number of views – tracks the amount of times the quiz is viewed
               c. Select Date and Time Restrictions – allows the quiz to be automatically made visible after a certain date and/or remove it after a certain date

7.       By default, a graded Kaltura Quiz is worth 100 points. To change this:

    1. Navigate to the Full Grade Center
    2. Place your mouse over the name of the column associated with the video quiz
    3. Click on the gray arrow icon to the right of the title, and select Edit Column Information
    4. Change the point value on the following page
    5. Click Submit



8.  Click Submit at the bottom of the page. When students complete the quiz, their score will automatically be uploaded to the courses Gradebook.

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