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 Kaltura Sharing Options Guide

 Information on the available options for sharing Kaltura videos.

Users have the ability to share media within Blackboard (for course related content) or restrict it to a UC login or with the public through MediaSpace. By default, all media that is uploaded to Kaltura is private.

  In Blackboard
  From Kaltura Media Space (KMS)
      o   Sharing a link
      o   HTML Embed Code

Sharing media within Blackboard

Content Areas

The Mashup tool allows you to add video content to any course content area within a Blackboard course.

Media Galleries

The course Media Gallery is a searchable gallery of media content of a specific course. The Media Gallery does not necessarily include all media that is used within the course in other contexts. Instead, the Media Gallery contains the content that was deliberately assigned to it.

Sharing media from MediaSpace

By default, all media that is uploaded to the Kaltura’s My Media area is private. Users have the option of make media public or UC login specific.

1.  Navagate to the main MediaSpace at uc.mediaspace.kaltura.com or your college/departmental MediaSpace.
     To see a list of available UC Kaltura MediaSpace sites, click HERE.


2.  After successful navigation to your MediaSpace, click Guest and a drop-down menu will appear.


3.  Click Login.  You will be prompted to type in your central UC login information

4.  Your name should now appear where it said ‘Guest’ previously.  Click on ‘Your Name’ and then My Media.


5.  Select the video you want to share.  You can do this by clicking on the media thumbnail, or the blue title from the list of media.   

      /Users/loisschulz/Desktop/Click on video.jpg  


Sharing a link

*NOTE: Before sharing any media, you will need to publish it. These options are not available in Blackboard’s My Media area.

1.  Click the Actions button and then select Publish from the menu.


2.  Publishing options will appear. All media, by default, in My Media is private.


Select the appropriate option:

     ●    Unlisted—Shareable with the public
     ●    Published—Available to users with a UC account

3.  Click the Save button.

4.  Then click the Share button. The Link to Media Page is the first option. 


5. Copy the URL to add to an email message or Webpage. When users click on the link to the URL they will show a MediaSpace page with the video.

HTML Embed Code

You have the ability to embed media with in websites. When using the embed code, the media is automatically made public.

1.      Click the Share button.

2.      Click on the Embed link.


3.    Select a Player Size (Large, Medium or Small) that you will need.

4.    Copy the HTML embed code and paste that code into your website.


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