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 Kaltura Student Quiz Guide

 Student guide for accessing and completing Kaltura Quizzes.



1.  Navigate to Blackboard (canopy.uc.edu), enter your username and password in their respective boxes, and click Login



2.  Click Courses in the tabs at the top of the page, and locate the course you will be taking the quiz in



3.  Locate the module where the quiz is located


4.  Click the quiz to begin



5.  Click the play button on the video to start the video/quiz. There will be a welcome screen before the video starts. Click continue. (Note: your professor may have made the questions available for you to view before starting the quiz. If so, clicking the icon in the top right of the video labelled Pre-test Available will download a file containing the questions found in the video)



6.  The video will begin. There will be icons along the scrub bar at the bottom, showing when there will be a question. You can click these icons to skip to the question if you wish.


7.  Once the question is reached, the video will pause and the question will display. If you’d like to view the video leading up to the question, click Skip For Now at the bottom right and scroll to before the question. Select what you believe to be the correct answer, and click Continue (which replaces Skip For Now)



8.  Repeat until the video is over. Once you’ve reached the end, you may choose to review your answers before submitting (clicking review restarts the video), or simply submitting your answers for grading. YOU MUST CLICK SUBMIT FOR YOUR ANSWERS TO BE SUBMITTED. IF YOU DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT, YOUR QUIZ WILL NOT BE SUBMITTED. If your professor has enabled it, you may be able to see your grade after clicking Submit.


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