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 Kaltura Video Download Instructions

 Instructions for downloading Kaltura videos through the Kaltura Media Space.

If you are using your college's MediaSpace:
Navigate to your college specific Kaltura MediaSpace, or use the main UC MediaSpace @
https://uc.mediaspace.kaltura.com. To see a list of available UC Kaltura MediaSpace sites, click HERE.


1.  After successful navigation to your MediaSpace, click Guest and a drop down menu will appear.

2.  Click Login. You will be navigated to the central UC login page where you should use your unique 6+2 to login.

3.  Your name should now appear where it said ‘Guest’ previously. Click on Your Name in the upper left hand corner and then click My Media.

If you are using Blackboard

1.  Navigate to https://canopy.uc.edu

2.  Enter your 6+2 username and password, then click Login.


3.  Select My Media from the tools menu on the left side of the screen.



Once you are in your My Media Page:

1.  Your user specific Kaltura videos will all be listed in your My Media page. Find the video and the various options are available for you
a.  Click on the blue title to watch the video to confirm it is correct.
      b.  Click Edit to edit the video.
      c.  Click Delete to delete the video.


2.  To download a video, click the Edit button. The editing menu will appear with options. Click the Downloads tab.


3.  Source is the recommended format to use for downloading (this is the original file format that the video was created in). Click Save. A green banner will
     appear below the save button if saved successfully.

4.  Click Go to Media. Your video will appear.

5.  Click Download and then click Download again under the action heading.


6.  Click Save file and it appears in your Downloads folder.



 If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the IT@UC Service Desk at (513)556-4357.

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