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 Kaltura Capture Launching and Recording

 Instructions on how to launch and record with Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture is an application that allows user to record video. Users can record their screen, from a webcam, or both. Users can then edit the videos they’ve recorded. Videos recorded in Kaltura Capture can be automatically published to the users My Media which can be accessed in Blackboard or a college KMS.

Getting Started with Kaltura Capture




How to Set the Recording Options in Kaltura Capture



1)      Navigate to Blackboard and login 


2)      Under UC Tools, click My Media. 


3)      Click the Add New button, then click Kaltura Capture. 



4)      The Kaltura Capture application will open. Kaltura Capture has the ability to do record your computer screen, computer screen recording and a webcam, recording from one or two webcams (if available), and recording just audio.

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a)       Click the drop down arrow to select the input you’d like to use for the first selection. This will normally be your computer screen.

b)      You can record the full screen or just a selected area of the screen.

c)       If you want to record your webcam, then select the appropriate webcam.

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d)      To select an audio source to record, click the Microphone icon to the right. If your computer has a built in microphone then select that.

Note: If an icon is blue, the associated input will be recorded. If it is grey, then it will not be recorded.

5)      Click the record button on the left to start recording.

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6)      A countdown will begin in the center of the screen. The recording will begin when this countdown ends.


7)      The recording tools window will open at the bottom right of the screen.

a)       To minimize the window (so it isn’t in the recording) click the () button at the top right of the window.

b)      To pause the recording, click the record button again.

c)       To stop/finish the recording, click the stop button.

d)      To cancel the recording, click the X button.      



8)      After finishing the recording, a window will open where you can preview the video before uploading it to My Media. Provide a title, description, and any relevant tags for the media. You have the option to save the video file to your device only (by clicking Save) or save the video and upload it to My Media. (by clicking Save & Upload). Any editing that you would like to do will happen in My Media.


Note: Videos that have been uploaded will show a link to their location in My Media. Videos that have not been uploaded will not have a link and will have a button labelled upload. Clicking this button will upload the video to My Media.


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