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 Kaltura Capture Screen and Webcam Recording

 Instructions on how to record your screen and webcam using Kaltura Capture

1)      Navigate to Blackboard and login 



2)      Under UC Tools, click My Media. 



3)      Click the Add New button, then click Kaltura Capture. 




4)      The Kaltura Capture application will open. 

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5)      By default, Kaltura Capture will open with one input selected for recording. Click the dropdown and select your display.





6)      You will have the option to record your entire screen, or only a portion. Full screen recording is selected by default. To record only a portion of your screen, click Select Area 



a)       A white, dotted-line box will appear over the screen. This box shows what part of the screen would be recorded. To change the area of the screen, hover your cursor over a corner or side of the box and drag it to your desired dimensions. 




b)      Alternatively, you can choose one of the preset aspect ratios by clicking the drop-down menu and selecting one. 



c)       After you select an area, the area will be marked with a solid red line so you can see where screen is being recorded. 





7)      Once your display (and display area if you chose that option) is selected, you will see a preview of your screen.  





8)      To turn on your webcam, click the grey camera icon to the right. It will turn blue, which signals that the camera is selected for recording. It will also open up the preview for your webcam. Use this preview to check if your webcam is functioning properly and is in a good location. Click here for Kaltura Webcam Aesthetic Tips.


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9)      Click the record button on the left to start recording.

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10)   A countdown will begin in the center of the screen. The recording will begin when this countdown ends.  




11)   The recording tools window will open at the bottom right of the screen.

a)       To minimize the window (so it isn’t in the recording) click the () button at the top right of the window.

b)      To pause the recording, click the record button again.

c)       To stop/finish the recording, click the stop button.

d)      To cancel the recording, click the X button.



12)   After finishing the recording, a window will open where you can preview the video before uploading it to My Media. Provide a title, description, and any relevant tags for the media. You have the option to save the video file to your device only (by clicking Save) or save the video and upload it to My Media (by clicking Save & Upload). Any editing that you would like to do will happen in My Media.



If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the IT@UC Service Desk at (513)556-4357.




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