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 How to Uninstall Applications in MacOSX

 Instructions for uninstalling applications in MacOSX.

                              How to uninstall applications in MacOSX

*Please note: To uninstall programs you will need to have administrative privileges on your computer. If you do not have privileges to uninstall you will need to consult your system administrator.

1. When logged into your computer, click “Go” on the top bar. And then click “Applications” to open your application folder. 


2. Browse to the program you want to uninstall. From here you have a couple of option on how to uninstall the application.

Option 1:

 Hold the Ctrl key  on your Keyboard and click the program icon. A menu will open and will give an option to “Move to Trash


Option 2:

Click and drag the icon for the application you want to uninstall into your trash bin on the Dock



3. Empty the trash bin to finish the uninstallation.

This can be accomplished by either:

  • Holding the Ctrl Key and clicking the Trash bin and click Empty Trash.


  • Click and hold on the trash bin and a menu will pop up giving the option to Empty Trash



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