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 How to Clear your Mac Keychain

 Instructions for correcting issues with the Keychain in MacOSX.


1.   On OSX computers user continually receives a pop up asking to type a password to unlock "login.keychain"

2.   On OSX Computers user receives a prompt that says "_____ wants to use the "Local Items" Keychain



The keychain is the mac subsystem that hold various user credentials, such as username and password combinations for websites and wireless authentication.  These keychains are "locked" using the same password used to login to the computer.  When a user changes there password through one of the normal OS mechanism on that machine then the relevant keychain passwords are also updated.  Since most CCM mac computers are bound the UC's AD.UC.EDU domain password are changed on the domain and not on the mac so the computer never finds out about it and never gets a chance to change the relevant keychain passwords resulting in a prompt to unlock it or an error message that it can't read it.



1.   In the Finder select the Go from the top menu

2.   While holding down the Shift key on the keyboard select "Library". If the Library option is missing from the menu, you can select Go to Folder... and in the field type in ~/Library and 
      click Go.



3.  In the Library directory, find and open a folder called Keychain


4.   Move everything inside of the Keychains folder to the trash. 
Note: Do not delete the keychains folder itself and do not empty the trash.


5.  Immediately restart computer by clicking the Apple from the top menu and select restart.
      *Do not perform any other actions, such as opening Safari .  Logging off and logging back on will not work.


6.   Once your computer is restarted, login in normally.  If you do not receive any prompts your keychain issues is now resolved.


If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the IT@UC Service Desk at (513)556-4357 or via email at: HelpDesk@uc.edu  

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