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 Telecommunication related services.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
ACD is a feature of the UC phone system that provides a way to manage a large number of calls which are answered on a small number of phones. Callers are satisfied by immediate service, and the work of answering the calls is distributed equally among a group of specially trained agents.  ACD Service can be ordered trough GetIT.

Conference Calling
SoundStation's Conference Phone is the conference phone that UC uses for phone conferences. It is best used in small to medium-sized conference rooms; however, extension microphones expand range for medium to larger-sized rooms.
Conference Calling Guide
Long Distance
Long distance business calls placed from the UC Uptown campus, Victory Parkway Campus, UC Reading Campus and UC Clermont must be made with a long distance authorization code issued by UCIT. Long distance calls will be billed to the authorization code holder's department budget number.
A UC authorization code can be ordered through GetIT.

UC Phone Dialing and Long Distance Guide

Telephone Guides
Standard desk phones, analog lines for SoundStation conference phones or fax machines and voicemail services can be ordered through GetIT.

ITE4 Guide
ITE12/24/30 Guide
VoIP Phone Guide

Voice Mail
UC Voice Mail Guide

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