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 Telephone Conference Calling Guide

 Instructions for setting up conference calls.

University of Cincinnati Conference Calling
UCit Telecommunications offers three audio conference calling services that allow you to bring everyone together without travel expenses or wasted
travel time, depending on your needs:

This basic audio conferencing service is provided by the UC campus phone system and can accommodate up to twelve members. Call the university operators at 6-4100, to schedule a Meet Me Conference.

·     Setup and Scheduling: Call the university operators at 556-4100 and provide the date, start time, meeting duration time, and number of participants   for the conference call. Each participant dials an assigned conference telephone number at the reserved date and time.

·     Security: This is a non-secure conference call. Members are notified with a tone as each member joins the conference call.

·     Setup charges: None

·     Usage charges: Campus telephones and members who are within the local Cincinnati calling area no charge. Members outside of the local Cincinnati calling area are responsible for their own long distance charges.

·     Minimum Participants: 2

·      Maximum Participants: 12


UCit has partnered with Cincinnati Bell to provide conferencing service that provides additional features if your conference call requires security pass codes, a moderator, optional toll free dialing for long distance members, call recording and playback and web based services.

·     Setup and Scheduling: Submit a GETit form, select Miscellaneous and include the conference moderators email address and telephone number. You will receive a confirmation from Cincinnati Bell Conferencing service that includes your On-Demand audio-conferencing 24/7 account information, the moderator’s pass code, the members’ pass code and the conference access telephone numbers.

·     Security: Provided by moderator and member pass codes. You have the option to have each members name announced as they enter the conference call.

·     Setup Charges: None

·     Usage Charges: Local Cincinnati calling area 10 cents per minute per local calling member. Toll free long distance 12 cents per minute per toll free calling member. Your department’s budget number will be billed with the usage costs.

·    Minimum Participants:  2

·         Maximum Participants: 125

·         Features:

·         Chairperson receives permanent account codes

·         Touch tone commands

·         Recording and instant playback

·         Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

·         No reservations required

·         Live operator to assist for duration of call

·         Custom greeting scripts

·         Communication Line Checks

·         Participant information transcription

·         Conduct Q&A sessions

·         Conduct polling sessions

·         Operator Attended 30 Cents per Minute


Setting up a conference call from your desk telephone is simple and can be done at any time using the CONF feature button on your telephone or by using the feature code, #1.


·     Setup and Scheduling: No need to schedule ahead, you can setup the conference call at your discretion.

·     Security: This conference is secure; no one can enter the call unless they are added on by you.

·     Setup Charges: None

·     Usage Charges: Local Cincinnati calling area no charge. Long distance members 3 cents per minute per long distance member. Your department’s budget number will be billed with the long distance costs.

          ·    Minimum Participants: 3

·      Maximum Participants: 12 (including yourself)

         ·    Dialing Instructions:
Lift Handset and dial first member. Announce the conference call and ask them to hold while the other members are added.

    *  Press the CONF button or dial #1.
*  Hear dial tone and dial the next number announce conference
*  Press CONF button or dial #1, all parties are connected
*  Repeat these steps to add additional parties.

Note: When adding an off-campus member to the conference, dial 9 before the off-campus number.

Note: When adding a long distance member to the conference, you will be prompted for your UC long distance authorization code after you dial the long distance number..

Note: If number is busy or unanswered when adding a party, press the CONF button, or dial #1 and return to your conference.

To place a conference on hold: Press CONF button or dial #1 Hang up

To return to the conference:

Lift handset
Press CONF button or dial #1


Moderators should be on time

A moderator should arrive a few minutes early to greet each of the participants, and let them know when everyone is present and ready to start the call.

Always introduce yourself when speaking for the first time

It is important to introduce yourself when first speaking as other participants may not recognize your voice.

Avoid putting your phone on HOLD

Putting your local phone on hold could introduce music into the conference  so use the MUTE button if you need to drop away for a few minutes. Otherwise your hold music will play into the conference call, and make it impossible for the other participants to continue the meeting in your absence! (Remember to un-mute yourself when you come back.)

Create an agenda and keep to your schedule

Remain consistent with the timeline and agenda as prescribed in order to respect the time of the other participants.

Clearly state when calls end

If participants linger after you have hung up on the call you will get billed! Ensuring that all participants understand when a call has ended will avoid any possible confusion so stay on the line and make sure everyone has left the call.

Sound quality problems:

·         Avoid speakerphones as they will introduce background noise into the call.

·         Avoid mobile or cordless phones as they tend to pick up static.

·         In the event that a cell call is required we recommend a stationary location where the signal strength is high.


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