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 Telephone User Guide ITE 12/30SD

 User guide for using campus ITE 12/30SD telephones.

Telephone User Guide                                                                                            ITE 12/30SD

Place Internal Call                                     •  Lift handset
Dial 5-digit extension number

Place External Call                                    •  Local:      Lift Handset
Dial 9 + area code + XXX-XXXX Call is placed
• Long Distance:   Lift Handset
Dial 9 + 1 + area code + XXX-XXXX
                                                                       Hear tone and enter authorization code
                                                                       Call is placed

                                                        Standard Features

Hold                             To activate:           •  Press  
                                     To retrieve:            •  Lift handset
•  Press winking line button

Transfer                      UNANNOUNCED

                                    To activate:            •  Press
•  Dial 5-digit extension number
•  Hang up. Call is transferred

                                    To retrieve:            •  Call will return to your phone with a priority ring if unanswered



                                    To activate:           •  Press
•  Dial 5-digit extension number
•  Announce call
•  Hang up. Call is transferred


                                   To retrieve:            (Before hanging up):
•  Press


                                                                 CONFERENCE (3 PARTY) To add a party to an existing call

                                    To activate:           •  Press
•  Hear dial tone
•  Dial next number – announce conference
•  Press
•  Three parties are connected

                                                                         Note: If number is busy or unanswered:
                                                                 •  Press
•  Return to original party

Last Number Redial                To active:          •  Lift handset
(Redials last external call)                                   •  Press
•  Last outside call is placed

Callback:                      To activate:         •  Press  Busy/No answer                                                       
Redial/No answer                                  •  Hear confirmation tone
Callback Busy                                        
Note: When the called extension is no longer busy:

•  Calling extension hears a priority ring (3 rings)

•  Lift handset – call is placed

Callback No Answer   
                               Note: When the called extension is available:
Message waiting light flutters                 •  Called extension should lift handset
•  Press- Call is placed

Abbreviated Dial                         To store:               Lift handset
(Stores 10 numbers)                                             •   Press and
Dial single digit storage number (0-9) 
                                                                                   Hear progress tone
Dial number to be stored
                                                                                   Hear confirmation tone 
                                                                                   Hang up

 Note:  When programming local/long distance number the single digit storage number must be followed by the access code 9 and then the local/long distance number.

                                                     To activate:           •  Lift handset
•  Press
•  Dial single digit storage number (0-9)
•  Call is placed


Call Pickup (To pickup             To activate:               •  Lift handset
a ringing extension)                                                  
•  Dial 
                                                                                    •  Call is answered


Call Park (To place call on hold and retrieve from any phone)

  To activate:

       •  Press
       •  Hear and record 4 digit number
       •   Hang up
       •   Lift handset from any campus phone
•   Dial call park number – call is retrieved


Note:  If a parked call is not retrieved, it returns to originating station with a priority ring

(7 party) To add
parties to an existing call

To activate:

•   Press
•   Hear dial tone
•   Dial next number – announce conference
•   Press
   Parties are connected

Note:  Repeat these steps to add additional parties, only 4 may be External. When conferencing an external party dial 9 before the outside number

Note:  If number is busy or unanswered when adding a party:
•   Hang up
•   Lift handset
•   Press
You are connected with the original conference call

To place a conference on hold:

•   Press
•   Hang up

To return to the conference:

•     Lift handset
•     Press

On Hook Dial        To place a call without lifting handset:  •  Press one-way speaker button
(for 12+                                                                                •  Dial number  
instruments)                                                                        •   Lift handset – speak to called party                                       


                               To disconnect:                                       •   Press one way speaker button or Hang up handset

30SD Setting Ringer Volume and Tone

To set this control:            Press both:               Start ring:                        Press:                  Stop ring:

Ringer Volume                                                            or                   
(Lamp on)

The ringer can be turned all the way off, to check the setting if you are not getting calls.

Ringer Tone                                                     or                


30SD Setting Other Controls

To set this control:                                                                                       Press:
Handset/Headset Volume                                                                 or  
(During conversation)    


Speakerphone Volume                                                                      or  
(When using the SPKR)

Display Contrast                                                                                  or  
(When phone is idle)


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