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 Telephone ITE4 User Guide

 Guide for basic use of campus ITE/STE Telephones.

                                                                                           Telephone User Guide ITE 4/STE

Place Internal Call:                         Lift handset
                                                          Dial 5-digit extension number

Place Outside Call:                         Local:  Lift Handset
Dial 9 + area code + XXX-XXXX 
Call is placed
     Long Distance:  Lift Handset
Dial 9 + 1 + area code + XXX-XXXX Hear tone and enter authorization code 
                                                                                                Call is placed


Standard Features

Hold                             To activate:    Press  or (STE-Press Switch Hook and Dial  4) To retrieve:            

                                     To retrieve:   Lift handset
     Press  or (STE-  Dial 4)


Transfer                      UNANNOUNCED

                                       To activate:        Press or (STE-Press Switch Hook and Dial 1)
                                               •  Dial 5-digit extension number
                                                                         Hang up to complete transfer
                                             To Retrieve:         Call will automatically return to your phone with a priority ring if unanswered

 To activate:       Pressor (STE-Press Switch Hook and Dial  1)

                                                        •     Dial 5-digit extension number
     Announce call
     Hang up to complete transfer

To retrieve:     (Before hanging up):
     Press  or (STE-Press Switch Hook and Dial  1)


CONFERENCE                   To activate:      •  Press     or (STE-Press Switch Hook and Dial  1)

(3 party)                                                     Listen for dial tone
To add a                                                  Dial next number announce conference
party to an                                              Press  or (STE-Press Switch Hook and Dial  1)
existing call                                             Parties are connected

                                                                *Note: If number is busy or unanswered:

                                                        •     Press  or (STE-Press Switch Hook and Dial  1)
     You are connected to original party

CONFERENCE                        To activate:      Press  # 1 or (STE-Press Switch Hook and Dial # 1)
(7 party)                                                        Hear dial tone
To add parties to an                                    Key in next number – announce conference
existing call                                                  Press # 1 or (STE-Press Switch Hook and Dial # 1)
                                                                       Parties are connected

                                                                     *Note: Repeat these steps to add additional parties, only 4 may be external. When conferencing an external party:
                                                                         Dial 9 before the outside number

                                                                      Note:  If number is busy or unanswered when adding a party:
  Hang up
  Lift handset
  Dial  # 1 you are connected with the original conference call

To place a conference on hold:

                                                         •  Press # 1 or (STE-Press Switch Hook and Dial # 1)
  Hang up

                                                                    To return to the conference:
                                                                           Lift handset
    Dial # 1


Callback Busy or             To activate:      Press  or (STE-Press Switch Hook and Dial  7)

No answer                                             •  Lisen for confirmation tone (2 beeps)
 Hang up


Busy                                                        Note: When the called extension is no longer busy:
 Calling extension hears a priority ring (3 rings)
   Lift handset call is placed

No answer message waiting                    To return:
light will flutter                                        Called extension should lift handset
  Press  or (STE-Dial  7)
  Call is returned

Abbreviated Dial            To store:              Lift handset
(Stores 10 numbers)                                    Dial # 4  
Dial single digit storage number (0-9)
                                                                      Hear progress tone
                                                                      Dial number to be stored
                                                                     Hear confirmation tone
                                                                    Hang up
Note:  When programming local/long distance number the single digit storage number 
must be followed by the access code 9 and then the local/long distance number.

                                       To activate:         • Lift handset
  Dial # 4
  Dial single digit storage number (0-9)

Last Number                    To activate:        Lift handset     
(redials the last                                          Dial # 9
external call)


Call Pickup                  To activate:            Lift handset
(To pickup                                                Dial # 7 call is answered
a ringing extension)

Forward                To activate:            Lift handset
  Dial  3 confirmation tone
  Dial number where calls are to be forwarded
  Hear confirmation tone
  Hang up

                                           To cancel:           Lift handset
   Dial # 3
   Hear confirmation tone
   Hang up call forward is cancelled
Note: A short ring is provided to alert station call forward is activated.

Call Park    
                     To activate:           Press    9 or (STE-Press Switch Hook and Dial  9)
(To place a call on hold                             Hear PARK number and record
and retrieve from any phone)                  Hang up


                                      To retrieve:            Lift handset
                                                                    Dial call park number – call is retrieved
                                                                  Note:  If a parked call is not retrieved, it returns to originating station with a priority ring

Call Waiting                
To activate:           Press  or (STE-Press Switch Hook and Dial  4)
 Hang up
 Wait for phone to ring retrieve call waiting

                                     To retrieve:              Original held party:
  Press  or Press Switch Hook and Dial 4

                                     To alternate:              Between both calls:
     Press  or Press Switch Hook and Dial4

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