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 Telephone Quick User Guide for VOIP Phones

 Quick user guide for campus VOIP phones.

 University of Cincinnati VoIP Telephone Quick Guide


To place or retrieve a call on Hold.

To place a call on Hold: Press HOLD button, line will flash.

To retrieve a call from Hold:  Lift handset or press speaker button, press the line button where the held call is, call is retrieved from Hold.

Transfer 3-Way

To Transfer a call to another telephone or to establish a 3-Way Conference Call: Unannounced Transfer: Press Transfer, dial extension number, hear ring and hang-up.

Announced: Press Transfer, dial extension number, announce transfer, press Transfer again, hang-up.

3-Way Conf: Dial first party, to add third member to call, press Transfer,

hear dial tone, dial second party, press Transfer - all three members are connected.


To redial the last call placed from the phone.

Press REDIAL and the last internal or outside call is displayed, press REDIAL again and the call is placed.


To forward your extension to another phone.

To Activate: Lift handset or press speaker button, dial 40031, hear confirmation tone, dial the number where calls are to be forwarded, hear confirmation tone, hang up.

FORWARD message displays. * Dial 9, if forwarding calls off campus destination.

To Remove:  Lift handset, dial 40031, hear confirmation tone, call forward is removed.

Do Not Disturb

To send all your calls immediately to voice mail.

To activate: Press the DO NOT DISTURB button; "Do Not Disturb" message displays.


Voice Mail

To access your voice mailbox. The red lamp at the top right corner of your phone will blink when you have new messages.

Press the VOICE MAIL BUTTON and follow the prompts.


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