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 Telephone Voicemail User Guide

 Guide for use of the University's voicemail system.

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Voicemail Quick Steps


The University of Cincinnati's new CallXpress® voicemail system is designed to provide you with convenient access to your voice messages, whether you are at your desk or calling in over the telephone.

Before You Start
To set up your voicemail box, follow these steps:


Press the MAIL button on your phone or dial *5. Or if you are calling from a campus phone other than your personal line, Dial *5, press # and enter your 5-digit campus phone number followed by the 1111 security code.

Or, from off campus, dial 558-6245 press # and enter your 5-digit campus phone number followed by the 1111 security code.

2.Create and confirm a 4-to-15 digit security code.
3.Record your first and last name.

Record your personal greeting.
Sample: Hello, you've reached (YOUR NAME). Sorry I missed your call. Please leave a message, and I'll return your call as soon as I can. Thank you!

  After Recording a Message

If you want to...Then enter...
Request future delivery0 1
Mark the message urgent0 2
Restrict forwarding of the message0 3
Request a return receipt0 5


While Listening to a Message

If you want to...Then enter...
Forward the message2
Skip back five seconds3
Delete the message4
Save the message5
Skip to the next message7
Call the person who left the message8
Skip ahead five seconds9
Increase playback speed1 4
Decrease playback speed1 7


Performing Common Tasks

If you're looking for a quick hint about how to perform a specific task, read on.

Getting Started

If you want to...Then enter...
Listen to new messages1
Record and send a message2
Listen to saved messages5
Review, forward, delete, or saved messages you've selected6
Listen to and recover messages you've marked for deletion (in this session only)7

 Setting Up Your Voicemail box

If you want to...Then enter...
Change your standard greeting3 4
Change your busy greeting3 5
Change your out-of-office greeting3 6
Set Immediate Message Notification3 1 1
Change your password3 1 4
Change your name recording3 1 5
Set message presentation ordering3 2 5


Web PhoneManager
To log in...

1.Go to http://webfone.uc.edu/.
2.Enter your 5-digit extension (X-XXXX).
3.Enter your security code.
4.Click the "Login" button.


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