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 SPSS 21 Installation Instructions for MacOSX

 Instructions for installing SPSS 21 on individual MacOSX computers.

SPSS 21.0 Installation Instructions for MacOSX
Single User Workstation Installation Instructions

System Requirements:
Mac 10.6x (Snow Leopard) or 10.7 (Lion) Intel Processor 32bit or 64bit
Memory: 1GB RAM or more recommended 800 MB disk space

SPSS 21.0 for Macintosh Licensing Information:
The Single User Authorization Code can be used to install SPSS on one computer. Licenses are tied to your computer with a lock code. If you replace your computer or hardware, you will need a new Authorization Code. The license is sensitive to time changes.

Before You Start
Please make sure the following is available before you start the installation process.
1.   The SPSS DVD.
2.   The Single User Authorization Code.
3.   Internet connection for licensing SPSS.

Installation Instructions

1.  Open SPSS_Statiscs_21_mac.dmg found on the SPSS 21 DVD.


2.   Double click SPSS_Statitics_Installer.app.


3.   Enter your administrative Name and Password, then click OK.


4.   Click OK at Language selection.


5.   Click Next at Introduction.


6.   Select Single user license, and click Next.


7.   Accept the license agreement, and click Next.


8.   Enter your name for User Name, and University of Cincinnati for Organization. Click Next.


9.   Optionally select Help Languages. Click Next.


10.   Click Next.


11.   Click Install.


12.   Optionally, click to register the product. Click Done.


13.   Select ‘License my product now’. Click Next.


14.   Enter your SPSS 21 Single User Authorization code. Click Next.


15.   Click Next.


16.   Click Finish.


SPSS 21 should now be successfully installed at Applications/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/21/SPSSStatistics.app!


If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the IT@UC Service Desk at (513)556-4357 or via email at HelpDesk@uc.edu.

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