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 SSLVPN Setup Instructions for Apple devices including iPhone and iPad

 Instructions for installing and configuring the Junos Pulse app to connect to the SSLVPN on iPhone, iPad and other IOS devices.

Junos Pulse SSLVPN iPhone/iPad Install and configuration instructions

To download the Junos Pulse App: 

1.      Open the App Store

2.      Enter "junos pulse" in the search bar.

3.      Select "Juniper Networks Inc. Junos Pulse".

4.       Select “Install”

To configure the Junos Pulse App:

1.      Start the Junos Pulse application, and accept the End User License Agreement.

2.      Tap, Add Connection. In the "Connection Name:" field, enter UC SSLVPN.

3.      In the URL field, enter https://sslvpn.uc.edu  In the “Username:” field, enter your 6+2 CLS username and make sure "Authentication Type:" is set to Password. Leave the "Realm" and "Role" fields blank. Then tap, Create Connection.

4.      Exit fully out of the app.

To connect or disconnect:

1.       Open the Junos Pulse app, and tap Connect.
Note: The first time you do this, you will see a dialog box labeled Attention that will require you to check a box labeled, I trust this application. Check the box, and then tap OK.

2.       You will see the SSL VPN Service logon web page. Your username should already be filled in for you as long as you configured it within the Junos Pulse, if not, enter your 6+2 CLS username and password, and then tap Sign In.
Note: In some versions of Android, you will see the Attention box here rather than when you first launch Connect. In that case, check the box and tap OK.

3.      When the VPN connection is established, an icon of a key will appear somewhere in the notifications bar at the top of your screen.

You can now press the Home button to exit Junos Pulse, and then access resources that require the UC VPN connection.

4. To disconnect from the VPN open Junos Pulse, and then tap Sign Out.


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