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 Safeconnect Installation Instructions for Windows

 Instructions for installing the SafeConnect software on Windows machines. Safe connect provides both access control and verifies your computer meets the University's network security requirements.


 SafeConnect Installation instructions for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

This example configuration is using a new install of Windows Vista. Based on your computer’s current status and installed software, some of these steps may not apply to you or some additional steps may need to be taken. You must have Administrator right to the machine for the installation of the SafeConnect client to be installed.

1.  Connect your machine to the universitys network via a wireless or wired network connection within an on-campus resident facility.

2.  Open a web browser and attempt to connect to a website hosted outside of the university (ex. http:// www.google.com, http://www.yahoo.com, http://www.cnn.com)

3. You will be redirected to a sign-on page. Use your Central Login Service username and password.


4.  Once you log in for the first time, you will be asked to review the Network Usage Policy. If you accept the terms of this policy click on the link that says Yes, I will install the Policy Key and accept the terms and conditions for Internet use”. If you chose not to accept the policy, you will not be granted internet access.


5. You will now download the key and be prompted to install it.


6.  Select Run to continue with the installation.

7. You may be presented with a Security Warning asking if you want to run the application titled ServiceInstaller.exe. Click Run to continue with the installation.


8. You will now be prompted with the SafeConnect Installation window. Click Install to continue.


9.  Once the installation is complete, you will receive a prompt stating the installation was successful.

10.  The SafeConnect client will automatically start a compliancy check on the machine. If at any time the machine becomes noncompliant, follow the onscreen directions to remedy the issue.

11. If you do not have any antivirus software, a warning message will appear notifying you that an anti-virus application was not found. The page provides links where you can obtain proper software. It is recommended you install the free, University provided McAfee Anti-Virus software.


12.  Click on the McAfee link to start the download.

13.  Click Save.


14.   Save the zip file to a location of your choice.


15.  Once the download is complete, using Windows Explorer, navigate to the directory you downloaded the file.

16.  Right click on the zip file and select Extract All...    


17.  The Extraction Wizard will appear. Select Next to continue.

18.  Select a location to extract the files to. The default location is the same as the location of the zip file you are extracting. Select ‘Show extracted files when complete. Click Next to continue.


19.  From the list of extracted files, locate the Setupvse.exe file. This is the file you will need to execute to install the application.



20.  Execute the application by double clicking the file.

21.  You may receive a security warning when trying to execute the file. To continue with the installation, click Run.


22.  Click Next


23.  The default EULA window appears.


24.  You have to make some changes before you accept the Network Associates License Agreement. Change the License expiry type to Perpetual and select the country where you bought the laptop (default is ‘United States’). If you chose to accept the license agreement, select accept and click OK.


25.  Select Typical and click Next


26. Select'Standard Protection' and click Next.


27.   Click Install.


28.  During your anti-virus installation, you may receive a warning that your anti-virus is not running or your definitions are out of date. This is due to SafeConnect noticing the changes in compliancy. Do not attempt to resolve these issues until the anti-virus software installation is complete. If you are installing McAfee, you will be prompted to update at the end of the installation. If you are using another Anti-Virus application, follow their procedures for updating the software once the installation has finished.

29.  To finish the McAfee installation, be sure to select ‘Update Now’ and click Finish.


30.  McAfee will now check for updates. The updates will be installed if needed and when completed, click Close.


31.  The Windows Update setting will automatically be set for you as part of using SafeConnect. The setting will automatically download and install recommended updates for your computer from our on-site Windows Update server.


32.  This completes instructions on how to get a computer with Windows Vista compliant for the Universitys Network. If for any reason you are still receiving warnings of an item that does not pass the compliancy check, please read the screen fully and follow the directions that it provides. If you need further assistance, you may contact the UCit Helpdesk by phone at 513-556-HELP (513-556-4357).

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