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 Box at UC - Box for Office Online

 Information on the Box for Office Online functionality of the Box at UC service.

Box at UC – Box for Office Online

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Box for Office Online allows Box you to open, edit and save Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly in a web browser. Box for Office Online is powered by Microsoft Office 365 technology to allow for a seamless user experience. Box for Office Online has full editing capabilities, so your office documents will be fully functional on the web interface. Box for Office online also saves your progress automatically so you will never lose your work. If you do not want to use Office Online to edit Box documents, click here [link to Box for Office KB article] to learn about the desktop version of Box for Office. Note: Box for Office Online does not work on mobile web browsers. To edit Microsoft Office files on mobile devices, download the Microsoft Office mobile apps and learn about the Box Mobile App [link to KB article on Box Mobile App].


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Box for Office Online is usable on any device with a full, non-mobile web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. Box for Office Online will not work on mobile browsers, such as those included in Android and Apple iOS devices. Box for Office Online is easy to use and requires no prior setup to using.



To open Word, Excel or PowerPoint file in Office Online, browse the file you want to open and click on it. The file should open in a preview window on Box. A Microsoft Word document will be used for this example.



Next, select Open with Word and then Microsoft Word Online. Your browser should open up a new tab and open the file in Microsoft Office Online.



Editing is easy in Box for Office Online. Once the file is open in Microsoft Office Online, just start using it just like you would the desktop software. Box for Office Online also allows for multi-user collaboration, meaning multiple Box users can edit the document at the same time. You can view the Box users actively editing at the top right of the webpage directly below your name.



You can also see where other collaborators are in the document through multi-colored cursors with names.




Box for Office Online saves documents automatically, so there is no need to repeatedly click the save icon. As you make changes, Office Online will show you that it is saving your changes in real time at the top of the web page.



If you click on the File tab and then Save As, you have the options to Rename the file, Download a Copy, Download as PDF or Download as ODT file (for OpenOffice). You can also rename the document by selecting the document name at the top and typing in a new name (see above screenshot).



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