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 UC Affiliate Identity Creation Guide

 Instructions for creating sponsored Affiliate identities.

There are many ways in which a person may be affiliated with UC. They could be Staff, Faculty, Non-Employee Faculty, Emeritus, Student, Student Worker, Alumnus, Affiliate or Guest. The “Affiliate” affiliation is used for contractors and other undefined users who require access to UC resources. Affiliate accounts are automatically set to expire and require the “sponsorship” of a UC employee.


To sponsor someone as an Affiliate, you must first be a GetIT Approver. To become a GetIT Approver, please complete the GetIT Approver Access Request form

You can then login to the Create Affiliate website: https://webapps.uc.edu/UCAuthenticate/CreateIdentity.aspx


The sponsor will need to enter the Affiliate’s legally documented first and last name and their date of birth so the Identity Management team can determine whether this person already exists at UC or if a new identity (username and UCID) should be created. Optionally, the sponsor can supply the affiliate’s SSN to expedite the process, but that is not a requirement. The sponsor will also need to supply a department to whom this Affiliate will belong, along with a title and a badge, if any, that the Affiliate should receive. By default, new “Affiliate” affiliations expire in two years. The sponsor can set an earlier expiration date if they choose, but Affiliates cannot be sponsored for longer than 2 years at a time.




Once the Identity Management team receives the Create Affiliate request, we will respond to the sponsor via email within 1 business day to provide the username and UCID of the new Affiliate identity. Typically this response happens much quicker than 1 business day and can happen immediately if an SSN is provided. As with all identities created at UC, the default password upon creation is Uc!mmddyyyy (where mmddyyyy is the birth date of the Affiliate as entered by the sponsor). In some cases, the identity previously existed at UC and the user has already setup their password. This may have happened days or decades ago, so the user can retrieve their password via UC's Password Self Service site (www.uc.edu/PSS). Or if they never setup their PSS, they may need to contact the UCIT Help Desk (556-HELP) for assistance resetting their password.


If you already sponsor someone as an Affiliate, you can renew or expire that affiliation through the Manage Affiliate site: https://webapps.uc.edu/idm/AffiliateManager/Affiliate




 If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the IT@UC Service Desk at (513)556-4357 or via email at: HelpDesk@uc.edu.

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