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 UC IdM Affiliation Types

 Affiliation Types for the University's Identity Management (IdM) system

UC Identity Management (IdM) Affiliation Types

An overview of the UC IdM Identity types, and the determining factors for each of the affiliation types.
For a list of Employee Groups and Subgroups CLICK HERE

StaffUsers receive a Staff affiliation when identified by HR. This represents the employed non-academic staff of the university.

Employee sub group one of:
A1, or U1, or C1, or E1, or H1, or T1, or O1, or P1, or U2, or
I1, or E2, or E3, or E4

HR Status 1 or 3

FacultyFaculty affiliation identifies the paid university academic staff identified within UCFlex HR. This represents the employed academic body.

Employee sub group one of:
F1, or F2, or F3, or F4, or F5, or F6, or F7, or F8, or F9, or FA, or FB, or FC, or FD, or L1, or L2, or L3, or N3

HR Status 1 or 3

Non Employee FacultyNon Employee Faculty are identified instructors in the student system with no associated UCFlex HR record. Additionally, an instructor with a withdrawn UCFlex HR record and their last term taught is less than 2 previous terms will be assigned this affiliation. This represents the unpaid academic body.Catalyst defined instructor without UCFlex HR record.


Withdrawn UCFlex HR Faculty record and last term taught less than 2 previous terms.
EmeritusEmeritus affiliation is defined in the UCFlex HR system.Employee sub group R2
HR Status 1
StudentStudent affiliation is assigned after a person has confirmed to the University.Assigned within the Catalyst system
Student WorkerThis affiliation is defined as an employed student in UCFlex HR.Employee sub group S1
HR Status 3
AlumnusThis affiliation is currently not used. When this becomes active the source for Alumnus affiliation will be controlled by UCFoundation. 
AffiliateAffiliate is granted to identities requiring access the university resources and do not comply with any previously defined affiliations. This also requires "sponsorship" by a current UC employee. Please see documentation for further definition. https://kb.uc.edu/KBArticles/UCIDM-AffiliateIdentity.aspx 
Guest Guest affiliation, as the name implies, allows minimal access to UC resources. This account type may be created by individual users therefore requires additional vetting to elevate access.   


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