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 Identity Management at UC

 Overview of Identity Management at the University of Cincinnati

Identity Management at the University of Cincinnati

An Identity recognition system has been in place since the late 90’s and was tasked with pulling together useful information from many disparate systems and resolving conflicting redundant information, and making this consolidated information available to any investors in the data. Initially designed to share information between e-mail systems and (phone) Directory Services, its value was quickly recognized and utilized by many entities around the University. In 2006 the current Identity Management System came online allowing real time generation of new employee, student, and affiliate identities.


Identity Management Definitions

 ●   One ID across the entire enterprise, non-changing
       ●   Used by an individual across name changes, departmental transfers, departures and rehires, student, employee and contractor status changes
       ●   Used by an individual to "identity" (not authenticate) and remains associated with that individual and that individual only

Identity Management References

Federated Identity - InCommon Federation for Higher Education http://www.incommonfederation.org 

Shibboleth - A software product developed and used primarily by higher education that uses the SAML protocol to implement Federated Access Controls.

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