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 Shibboleth IdMM: Single Sign-On Info

 Information on the Shibboleth Single Sign-On process at the University of Cincinnati.

Information about the Single Sign On process with the University of Cincinnati Identity Provider (IdP)

The University of Cincinnati’s Identity Provider (IdP) offers Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality with a 10 minute timeout for the Service Providers (SP) that are configured to work with the UC IdP.

What this means is for 10 minutes after logging into a service provider (SP) a user will not be required to re-authenticate to the IdP.

For example: A user logs into Catalyst and within 10 minutes goes to https://mail.uc.edu the user will automatically authenticate to https://mail.uc.edu without having to re-enter their username and password.

But, if the user logs into Catalyst and then goes to https://mail.uc.edu 20 minutes later the user will be redirected to the IdP login page and will need to re-enter their username and password.


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