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 UCMail Setup Instructions for Android devices

 Setup instructions for configuring UCMail E-mail accounts on Android devices.

The instructions below are using Android OS 5.5.0 – Lollipop on a Nexus 6 Virtual Device.

1.   At the Home Screen, tap the Menu button, shown in the bottom m​iddle of the screen.

2.   Next, tap Settings, shown in the bottom middle of the menu below.


3.   Next, Scroll Down to the Personal section, and tap Accounts.


4.   Next, Tap Add Account.


5.   Next, tap Exchange.


6.   At the following setup screen, type in your email address with the format username@ucmail.uc.edu and tap the 


7.   At the following setup screen, type in your Central Login credentials, and tap the Next button.
(Note: If you recently had your password reset by the helpdesk, please go to www.uc.ed​u/pss to change the p​assword from the temporary password to a permanent password before entering it into your Android Device.)


8.   Next, you will see the account attempting to retrieve further server setting information. Wait for this step to


9.   At the following setup screen, you will be presented with many fields of information. Please ensure that these 
     fields match the following settings below:
          ·    Username: ad\username
          ·    Password: CLS Password
          ·    Client Certificate: None
          ·    Mobile Device ID: This is generated by the manufacturer and is non-editable.
          ·    Server: ucmail.uc.edu
          ·    Port: 443
          ·    Security Type: SSL/TLS

Please note that you may only have to update the Username field.


10.   Next, you will see your device validating the server settings. Please wait for this step to complete.


11.   Next, you may be prompted with the following screen.

NOTE: You will need to select OK in order for the setup to complete. This allows you to remotely wipe your device through Outlook Web Access in the event that your device is lost or stolen.


12.   Next, you will be prompted by the following screen to set up your sync settings. We recommend that you select
        a Sync Frequency of Every 15 minutes. You may choose how many days of email you wish to sync to your device,
        and whether or not you want to sync items other than email from this prompt. When you are finished, tap on
        the Next button.


13.   Next, you may be prompted to activate device administrator.

Note: You will need to activate this in order to complete your device setup. This is governed by the Android OS and what are called “Intents” to grant specific permissions to your device, in the event that it is lost, or stolen.


14.   On the following screen, you will need to give your account a descriptive name. This may be whatever you want
        it to show up as on your device. When you are finished, tap on the Next button, and finish the setup on your


If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the IT@UC Service Desk at (513)556-4357 or via email at helpdesk@uc.edu

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