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 UC_Secure Setup Instructions for Android Devices

 Instructions for connecting to the UC_Secure wireless network on Android Devices.

*Note: These instructions should be accurate for most Android devices however, your user interface may vary depending on your Android version and your device vendor.

1.  Open the Settings App

      Image result for android settings button

2.  Navigate to your connections menu and select Wi-Fi and then select UC_Secure.


3.  A screen will pop up asking for connection details. Set the Phase 2 authentication method to MSCHAPV2. Enter your Central Login (Catalyst, Canopy, Email) username in the Identity field. Enter your Central Login password in the password field then tap connect.


*NOTE:The CA certificate field on your device may not allow you to leave the entry as Unspecified but instead it makes you choose between no validation or specifying a certificate name. In this case, please select not to validate and you should be allowed to continue. You may receive a warning about your connection not being private, you should continue anyway - your connection will still be encrypted and therefore secure.


6.  You should now be connected to UC_Secure!

**Note: In the event you need to modify your connection to reflect a recent password change LongPress (hold down) on UC_Secure,
choose Modify Network


If you have any questions or issues with the device setup guide Please contact our Help Desk at (513)556Help (4357)

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