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 UC_Secure Setup Instructions for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad)

 Instructions for connecting to the UC_Secure wireless network on Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)

Requirements: iOS Firmware Version 2.0 or later. Note if you do not have this version please plug the device in your computer and update the firmware with ITunes.

1.  From your home screen, open the Settings App.


2.  In the Settings App, select  Wi-Fi



3.  Select UC_Secure from the list of available networks by tapping on its name



9.  Once selected, you will be prompted to enter your UC Central Login Service (CLS) Username and Password in the corresponding boxes and select Join


10. You will be presented with a screen displaying the certificate used by the network. Select “Trust” or “Accept” to continue. There is occasionally a pause after selecting “Trust”, please be patient while your device connects.


11. You have now connected to UC_Secure! You will be returned to the Wi-Fi settings screen and you can now use your device to access the internet and network resources.



If you have any questions or issues with the device setup guide Please contact our Help Desk at (513)556-Help (4357)

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