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 WebEx is a web-based conferencing tool that allows students and faculty to host a variety of events, from small group meetings or virtual office hours to large webinars and conferences.

(Host log in for all other UC Faculty & Staff:


(Host log in for Students: https://ucinnstudents.webex.com/)


Directions on how to Join a meeting – URL: https://kb.uc.edu/KBArticles/Webex-Participants.aspx




Appropriate Use Policy

Export Control

Training, Workshops, and other support

KBs about Getting Started with WebEx

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Faculty and staff can host meetings with up to 1,000 participants

Students can host meetings with up to 8 participants


WebEx is available to:

     •   Instructors teaching during the semester

     •   Students who are enrolled in or have registered for classes during semester.

     •   Active UC staff members.


Appropriate Use Policy

All WebEx users agree to abide by the University of Cincinnati's general Use of Information Technology policy. Further, WebEx participants may not discuss or share any information that is classified as Restricted Data under UC's Data Protection Policy. Faculty and staff may discuss Controlled Data, such as student assignments and grades, provided that all parties have a legitimate business or academic reason to do so. See UC's Data Classification and Data Typesfor a detailed listing of what data is classified as Restricted Data and Controlled Data. At no time, should users of WebEx share or discuss Protected Health Information (PHI) or data that is covered by HIPAA.


Export Control

WebEx users also agree not to disclose or share any information, data, programs, schematic or any other information that may be subject to the export controls provided by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), specifically the list found at 22 CFR § 121.1. Additionally, users of WebEx agree to abide by the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) as set forth in 15 CFR § 736.2.


The Office of General Counsel, the Office of Research and the IT@UC Office of Information Security are working collaboratively to address outstanding security and compliance concerns.


Failure to comply with these usage restrictions may result in disciplinary action in accordance with collective bargaining agreements and human resource policy.

KBs about Getting Started with WebEx

Understand the basics of WebEx with these tips for instructors.

URL: https://kb.uc.edu/KBArticles/WebEx-InstructorTips.aspx

Set up your personal room to have a private meeting space that's perfect for virtual office hours.

URL: https://kb.uc.edu/KBArticles/WebEx-PersonalRoom.aspx

Join a meeting hosted by someone else.

URL: https://kb.uc.edu/KBArticles/Webex-Participants.aspx

Use WebEx's Chat function to ask questions during a guest speaker or to submit feedback for peer reviews

URL: https://kb.uc.edu/KBArticles/WebEx-ParticipantPanelChat.aspx


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Screen Sharing

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Usage Reports Analytics Guide

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