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 WebEx Participant Panel and Chat Use Guide

 Instructions for using the participant panel and chat feature in WebEx.

This functionality will allow the users to have brief conversations over WebEx. This can be used in:

•    Teaching online (including on snow days)
•    Guest speakers
•    Peer Reviews
•    Student Group Work

Note: You need to be in a WebEx meeting to access any WebEx functionality. Please follow document WebEx Login Guide to Log into WebEx.

Instructors using chat during a WebEx meeting may want to include a syllabus statement on expected behaviour such as the following:

When posting on the discussion boards and using other communication tools including chat it is important to understand how to interact with one another online, netiquette. You can read more about the rules of netiquette at http://www.albion.com/netiquette/index.html.

1.  Schedule or create a meeting by following document WebEx Schedule/Create a meeting Guide.
     Once the meeting has started you will see a group of buttons at the bottom of the screen.

2.  Clicking on the participant panel button will show you a list of participants in the meeting, in a column on the right
     of the screen.

   buttons on the bottom of the screen

3.  In the participants' panel, you will see a list of participants. You can see details about the participants, such as the
     name of the participant, how they are connected and if their audio is muted.

   participant panel    

4.   If you are the host, you can make the other participants the presenter, by clicking on the globe to the 
      left of their name or by right-clicking their name, selecting Change Role To, and selecting 

Note: The participant will receive a notification that they are now the presenter.

    reassigning presenter role

5.  To take back the presenter role, click on the globe to the left of your name or right-click and follow step 4.    

    reclaiming presenter role)

6.  Click on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen. The chat panel will appear in the bottom right corner of the 
     buttons at the bottom of the screen

7.  By default, when sending a message, it will go to all the participants. You can send messages to individual participants by selecting the dropdown labelled Send to: and choosing the participant's name.

     Chat panel

8. Selecting an individual participant will start a private chat which will not be seen by other participants or the host.

    Select participant in chat 


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