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 WebEx Personal Room Guide

 Guide for setting up and managing a personal room in the WebEx web conferencing service. This will allow instructors to maintain virtual office hours.

The Personal Meeting Room is always available and is a unique space for you with a permeant url and meeting information. The Personal Room is a great way to do one-on-one consolations, ad-hoc meetings or virtual office hours.

Note: You need to be logged into WebEx in order to access any WebEx functionality. Please follow document WebEx Login Guide to Log into WebEx.

1. The WebEx home page will load. 
    WebEx home page

2.  The URL and meeting number can be found under the More Ways to Join chevron. You can copy the meeting information and invite them via normal communication options.


3.  Click Start Meeting to enter your personal meeting room.
  Start Meeting Button   

Note: If a participant tries to enter into your personal room before you start the meeting then they will "sit" in the lobby until the meeting is started. The participants have the option to email the you to let them know that they are waiting in the lobby.

     Notify Host ButtonEnter meeting room button
4.  Once you enter your Personal Meeting Room, you have the option to lock meeting your room by clicking on the More Options button on the control bar then clicking on Lock Meeting.
   More options including lock meeting

     a.  Anyone who tries to enter the room while it is locked will be sent to the virtual lobby to wait until you let them in.

         Virtual lobby

     b  You can admit all of the participants by clicking on the More Options button on the control bar then clicking on
         Unlock Meeting
         Unlock Meeting

     c. Alternatively, you can admit only certain participant(s) by clicking on the Admit button next to their name to
         bring in those participants. The other participants will remain in the lobby.
       Admit button

5.  You are ability to remove single participants from the meeting by right clicking on the participant's name in the participants panel and then clicking Expel.
     Expel a participant

6.  You can leave your personal room at any point by clicking on the Leave button in the control bar at the bottom of the WebEx meeting room.

      Leave meeting

Please Note: When you leave your personal meeting room, the meeting will automatically end for all of the participants.

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