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 WebEx Profile Setup Guide

 Guide for setting up your WebEx account profile.

Note: You need to be logged into WebEx in order to access any WebEx functionality. Please follow document WebEx Login Guide to Log into WebEx.

1.  Hover your cursor over your 6+2 id at the top left corner of the screen, then click Edit Profile   
     Edit profile menu

2.  Then click Edit My Profile 
    Profile page

3. Change your first and/or last name if necessary.
    Note: You will not be able to modify your WebEx email address as that is your 6+2.

edit profile page

4.  To set a profile picture for your WebEx account, click Change profile picture. A window will appear. Click Upload Picture in that window. A file explorer window will appear. Navigate to the picture you want and double-click it.

5.  Click Save.

6.  Click Preferences (in the column to the left) to manage various preferences.

    left column buttons

7.  Check your time zone and change it if needed.

edit preferences page

9.  Click Save


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