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 WebEx Whiteboard Guide

 Guide for using the Whiteboard in WebEx.

Note: You need to be logged into WebEx in order to access any WebEx functionality. Please follow document WebEx Login Guide to Log into WebEx.

1.  Once the meeting has started, you can access whiteboard in the following ways…

a.  Click on Share in the top menu on your screen. The Share menu will open. Click Whiteboard and a new whiteboard will open.
Share drop-down menu


b.  Click Share Content on the meeting control bar and select New Whiteboard button.

Share content window


2.  Once you open the Whiteboard using one of above options you will see a screen as shown below. 
    whiteboard page

3.  The whiteboard menu has many options. They are described below.

Allow Annotation: Presenter-only - click on this option to either allow or disallow participants to use annotations in the Whiteboard.

Note: The host/presenter will always have access to the annotations. By default, participants will not be able to write anything in the whiteboard.

Arrow Pointer: Select this option to display an arrow pointer which participants can move around the whiteboard. When a participant clicks this menu option, an arrow will display the participant’s name at that position.

Text Tool: Select this button to type text on the whiteboard.

Line: Select this tool to draw a line on the whiteboard.


Shape: This tool gives you the ability to draw shapes like squares and rectangles of any size on the whiteboard.

Pen Tool: You can draw on the white using the pen tool.

Annotation Color: Select the color for annotations you create.

Eraser: Erase any unnecessary material on whiteboard.

Note: On the whiteboard, if you have typed something, the backspace and delete keys won’t delete the text. Use the eraser tool for this.

Save: Save the whiteboard. You can save the whiteboard as .ucf file (which will allow you to keep working on it to import the same slide with improvements in a future session) or as .pdf file.


4.  Rename the Whiteboard page by clicking on the arrow next to Sharing Whiteboard and clicking on pencil icon.

    whiteboard list      

5.  Create additional Whiteboards by repeating step 1. Cycle between whiteboards by clicking Sharing Whiteboard and selecting another whiteboard.

    whiteboard list



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