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 WebEx Faculty/Staff Conference Hosting Guide

 Steps to create and schedule a meeting in WebEx.

WebEx will allow a host to:
     •  Hold meetings with up to 1000 participants in a single meeting
     •  Share content such as presentations, applications or your entire desktop with participants
     •  Pass control of the meeting to other participants
     •  Access a conference via phone or computer audio such as built in speaker and microphone or use a USB 

     •  Record meetings for future reference

You will need:
1. Web camera (optional video)
2. Microphone (USB headset/earbuds or microphone on web camera)
3. Telephone (optional if not using computer audio (VoIP))

Meeting Essentials

The New Interface
    New WebEx Meeting Interface

The New Meeting Control Bar
    Meeting Control Bar

1. Mute/Unmute: Clicking on the button will mute/unmute your audio during the meeting.
2. Start my Video: Selecting the camera icon will start your video to allow the participants to see you.
3. Share content: Share your desktop, files, applications, websites, or videos.
4. Record: The host can record the meeting.
5. Participants: Clicking on the button will open the participants window.
6. Chat: Clicking on this button will open the chat window. You can then chat with anyone in the meeting or hold private discussions with any participant.
7. More Options: The More Options menu allows you to lock the meeting if you want, invite others to join the meeting, copy the meeting information and configure your audio connections.
8. Leave the Meeting: Clicking on this button will allow you to leave the meeting.

Scheduling a meeting
1. Go to https://ucincinnati.webex.com.
2. Click on the Sign In button to login to WebEx.
    Sign-in to WebEx

3. Sign in to WebEx using your central login account.

4. The WebEx Home Page will appear.
    WebEx Welcome Page

5. Click the Schedule a Meeting button.
    Schedule a Meeting button

6. Fill in the meeting information:
    Scheduled Meeting input

 Enter a Meeting Topic and Password. You can use the automatically generated password or create your own.
 Specify the Date, Time and Duration of the meeting. Setting a duration for a meeting is for planning only — 
 the meeting will continue until you end it.

 You can enter the email addresses of people you want to invite OR you can send the invite later.

7. Click the Schedule button.

8. The meeting information will be displayed. You can copy the meeting information, then add it to an email or calendar invite and it send it out to your participants.
   Scheduled Meeting Information
Start a scheduled meeting
If you are a meeting host, you will start and end meetings that you schedule.
1. Go to https://ucincinnati.webex.com.
2. Click on the Sign In button to login to WebEx.
to WebEx

3. Sign in to WebEx using your central login account.

4. Click on the Meetings button in the left navigation panel.
    My Meeting button

5. The My WebEx Meetings window will appear with a list of meetings you are hosting.
    Meeting list

6. Locate the meeting from the list based on the date, then click the Start button. Your meeting will begin.

7. Select Call Using Computer (VoIP) to connect to the audio portion of the conference.
     Audio and Video Connection Window

Participants should only use the phone‐in option if they have trouble connecting to the conference via computer (VoIP) or if the meeting is an audio conference only. The phone in option will be a toll number with long distance charges associated with it. The telephone information can be found on the Meeting Info tab or the email invite.

8. The host is able to mute attendees upon entry for WebEx. You have to be connected to audio for this option to show up.

   Mute on entry menu

9. If a web camera is detected on your computer or device by WebEx you can enable video from that web camera. Click on the Select Video Connection and select your video camera.
    Audio and Video Connection Window

10. When the meeting is finished click on the End Meeting button to end the meeting. Only the host can end the meeting. The participants can leave the meeting by clicking on the Leave Meeting button.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the IT@UC Service Desk at (513)556-4357 or submit via the IT Help Site.

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