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 WebEx Participant Guide

 Getting stated guide for participating in web conferences using the WebEx web conferencing service.

        Join a meeting    
        Meeting Essentials

What you will need:
    1.  Web camera (optional video)
    2.  Microphone (USB headset/earbuds or mic on webcam) 
    3.  Telephone (optional if not using computer)

Note: If you are joining a student hosted meeting, participants will only be able to connect to the audio portion of the conference via computer audio.

Join a meeting

Participants have two ways to join a meeting. The first option is to join by using the Join WebEx Meeting link in the email invite you received or by going  to your WebEx instance (Fac/Staff Instance-https://ucincinnati.webex.com or Student Instance-https://ucinnstudents.webex.com) and typing in the meeting number to Join a Meeting area.



1.  Click on the Join WebEx meeting link in the email invite to enter the meeting. You will need to enter the password to the meeting found in the email invite (if applicable.)

    Meeting invite email

(Note: you may also go to https://ucincinnati.webex.com for faculty/staff hosted meetings or go to https://ucinnstudents.webex.com for student-hosted meetings. To join the WebEx meeting, type in the meeting number and click the Join button.)

    Join a Meeting panel

2.  You will be asked to type in your name and email address before joining the meeting if you have not logged in.

    Meeting entry screen and information

  Click the Join Meeting button.


4.  Select Call Using Computer under Select Audio Connection. If you are having issues connecting via computer audio, choose I Will Call In. Select which devices (speakers, microphone) you would like to use. If you have a webcam and want to connect by video as well, select the webcam under Select Video Connection. Click Connect Audio and Video button.

     Audio and Video Connection window     

5.  When the meeting is finished, participants can leave the meeting by clicking on the Leave Meeting (X) button on the control bar at the bottom of the screen.

    Leave meeting button on control bar


Meeting Essentials-The New Control Bar

    Control Bar participants

1.  Mute: Clicking on the button will mute/unmute your audio during the meeting.

2.  Start my Video: Click the camera icon to allow the host and other participants to see you. View the host and participants in full-screen

3.  Share content: Share your desktop, files, applications, websites, or videos.

4.  Participants: Clicking on the button will open the participants window.

5.  Chat: Clicking on this button will open the chat window. You can then chat with anyone in the meeting or hold private discussions with any participant.

6.  More Options: The More Options menu allows you to copy the meeting information and configure your audio connections.

7.  Leave the Meeting: Clicking on this button will allow you to leave the meeting.



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