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​Enabling your Blackboard course for student accress is quick and easy!

  • Simply access your Blackboard Course in Canopy and click Customization in the course control panel to extend the list.
  • In the expanded list, click Properties. 
  • Under Set Availability, select Yes and then
  • Click Submit

Congratulations, your course is now accessible to your students!

Blackboard Course Availability Guide5/12/2016 11:04 AM6/4/2017Approved

Catalyst is the university's new student information system and enrollment management system. For information on how to register for classes, please visit the Catalyst Student Resources page HERE

Catalyst Student Resources1/30/2017 6:47 PM5/4/2017Approved

​When you have an issue with a website, one of the first suggestions you will be given is you "Clear your cache and cookies and try again". The reason for this is because when visit any website, your computer, stores parts of the webpages locally. The reasoning is that your computer will be able to load those saved saved parts faster than they can be fetched through your internet connection. Unfortunately, the stored cache can grow quite large and even become corrupted. This can lead to issues ranging from decreased browser speed to pages not loading correctly. Because of this, it is reccomended that you clear your Browser cache from time to time. Instructions for do so can HERE!

Clear your Web Browser Cache!5/20/2016 1:01 PM5/4/2017Approved

​​In the newer versions of Mac OSX, Apple decided to make it possible for applications to hide the scroll bar. This can be problematic for applications and websites where it is not evident that it is scrollable. To correct this, simply

  • click the Apple icon on the top menu bar 
  • choose System Preferences
  • click General.
  • For the option to “Show scroll bars," choose Always
MacOSX Scrollbars5/4/2016 10:45 AM5/4/2017Approved